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Leonteq Aandeel

31,30CHF 0,54CHF 1,76%

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2018 2019e 2020e 2021e 2022e
Dividend - 0,20 0,43 1,51 -
Dividendrendement (in %) - 0,66 1,41 5,02 6,49
K/W-verhouding 7,72 8,90 6,81 5,92 6,64
Winst/Aandeel 5,40 3,39 4,42 5,09 -

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Profiel Leonteq AGnaar bedrijfsprofiel

Leonteq AG is a Swiss company, which operates in the finance and technology sector. The company offers products and services related to derivative investment products and covers the capital protection, yield enhancement, and participation product classes. It acts as both a direct issuer of its own products and a guarantor for clients, as well as a partner to other financial institutions. The company operates through the following business segments: Investment Solutions, Insurance and Wealth Planning Solutions, and Corporate Center. The Investment Solutions segments manufactures structured investment products with a fully automated platform on Leonteq's own balance sheet. The services may include risk management (hedging), market marking, advice on structuring, production of term sheets, listing and settlement as well as corporate center services like risk and regulatory reporting or financial accounting. The Insurance and Wealth Planning Solutions segment offers IT applications and services for life insurance companies and providers of long term investment solutions. The Corporate Center segment comprises of the company's operational services, finance, legal and compliance, risk control, human resources, marketing, and IT departments. The company was founded by Sandro Dorigo, Michael Hartweg, Lukas Ruflin, and Jan Schoch in September 2007 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Aandelenkoers Leonteq AG in CHFPush activeren

Koers 31,30 CHF 0,54 1,76 %
Tijd 17:30:51
Handelsdatum 22.08.2019
Opening 30,92
Slot 30,76
Hoogste 31,46
Laagste 30,68
52 W. Hoog 54,15
52 W. Laag 28,82
52 W. Perf.
Volume (Aantal) 31.552
Marktkap. (EUR) 593,77 Mln
De koers van 31,30 CHF aan de beurs Swiss Exchange komt bij de actuele wisselkoers overeen CHF/EUR met een koers van 28,69 Euro.

Naar aandeel Leonteq

ISIN CH0190891181
Indices SPI, SPI Extra, SPI Financial Services

Leonteq Kerncijfers

Marktkapitalisatie in Euro 593,77 Mln
Vrij verhandelbaar in %
Aantal Aandelen 18,93
Kasstroom/Aandeel in lokale valuta 6,38
Boekwaarde/Aandeel in lokale valuta 32,48
60 Dagen Volatiliteit 21,22
K/B verhouding

Leonteq Historische koersen

21-8-2019 30,76 36.752
20-8-2019 30,14 66.816
19-8-2019 31,18 73.530
16-8-2019 30,18 70.772
15-8-2019 29,46 62.203