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Mitsubishi Aandeel

2.677,50JPY -22,50JPY -0,83%

Mitsubishi Grafiek - 1 Jaar - TOKIO

Taxaties voor Mitsubishi

KPI 2019 2020e 2021e 2022e 2023e
Dividend 125,00 131,60 142,00 150,75 -
Dividendrendement (in %) 4,11 5,06 5,46 5,79 -
K/W-verhouding 8,16 6,27 6,03 5,88 -
Winst/Aandeel 372,39 415,02 431,71 442,53 -
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Mitsubishi Peer Group

General Electric 9,08
Jungheinrich 22,27
Mitsubishi 2.677,50

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Profiel Mitsubishi Corp.naar bedrijfsprofiel

Mitsubishi Corp. engages in the provision of services utilizing the function of general trading. It operates through the following segments: Global Environmental and Infrastructure, Industrial Finance, Logistics and Development, Energy Business, Metals, Machinery, Chemicals, Living Essentials, and Others. The Global Environmental and Infrastructure handles trade and related business operations in power generation, water, transportation, and other necessary infrastructure. It also manufactures lithium-ion batteries for vehicles and electricity storage. The Industrial Finance, Logistics and Development segment deals with asset management, infrastructure financing, corporate financing, and leasing. It also provides solutions in construction and real estate development focusing on commercial facilities and urban development, condominium development, and logistics. The Energy Business explores, develops and produces natural gas, crude oil, petroleum products, petroleum coke, coal coke, carbon products, and liquefied petroleum gas. It also develop and invests in oil and gas projects. The Metals segment supplies steel products, non-ferrous metals, and ferrous raw materials. It also undertakes ventures in precious metals like platinum and palladium. The Machinery segment handles industrial machinery, shipping, defense and aerospace, motor vehicles and Isuzu business. It also includes machine tools, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, elevators and escalators, ships, space-related equipment, and automobiles. The Chemicals segment supplies chemical products that includes raw materials for synthetic resins and fibers, chemical fertilizers, inorganic raw materials, industrial salts, plastics, electronic materials, and life science products. The Living Essentials segment provides consumer necessities connected with clothing, food and housing. This includes food, textile, daily necessities, healthcare, distribution and retail. The Others segment represents services and operational support of corporate staff departments to the company and its affiliates; income and expenses from financial and personnel-related activities; and cash and securities for financial and investment activities. The company was founded by Yataro Iwasaki on July 1, 1954 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Realtime koers Mitsubishi Corp.

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Aandelenkoers Mitsubishi Corp. in JPYPush activeren

Koers 2.677,50 JPY -22,50 -0,83 %
Tijd 08:00:00
Handelsdatum 17.10.2019
Opening 0,00
Slot 2.700,00
Hoogste 0,00
Laagste 0,00
52 W. Hoog 3.490,00
52 W. Laag 2.520,00
52 W. Perf.
Volume (Aantal) 0
Marktkap. (EUR) 35,62 Mrd
De koers van 2.677,50 JPY aan de beurs Tokio komt bij de actuele wisselkoers overeen JPY/EUR met een koers van 22,22 Euro.

Naar aandeel Mitsubishi

ISIN JP3898400001
Indices NIKKEI 225, TOPIX 500, BX Swiss - A

Mitsubishi Kerncijfers

Marktkapitalisatie in Euro 35,62 Mrd
Vrij verhandelbaar in %
Aantal Aandelen 1.590,08
Kasstroom/Aandeel in lokale valuta 602,97
Boekwaarde/Aandeel in lokale valuta 3.589,52
60 Dagen Volatiliteit 26,38
K/B verhouding

Mitsubishi Historische koersen

16-10-2019 2.700,00 4.591.600
15-10-2019 2.694,50 5.143.400
11-10-2019 2.681,00 4.834.900
10-10-2019 2.637,00 4.688.100
9-10-2019 2.625,00 4.178.000