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13-10-2019 21:01:17

‘Fortnite’ announces ‘The End’ as final season 10 event powers down, leaving millions with black holes onscreen

During the final “Fortnite” season 10 event, the server powered down, leaving millions of people watching a blank screen to see what comes next. The official “Fortnite” Twitter account tweeted out “This is The End,” leaving many fans to believe that the gameplay map that has existed for the wildly popular video game so far will be replaced with a brand-new setting. Streamers and players were left unable to even login to their accounts, as frenzied fans speculate whether “Fortnite” is ending, or just about to embrace widespread changes. The powering down was definitely intentional, and complete with a special galaxy collapse animation for those in the game’s “lobby.” Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. The final “Fortnite” season 10 event ended suddenly, with every player’s screen going black and showing a black hole graphic instead. As millions of gamers tuned in to streams and their own games, they suddenly lost the ability to login (the only action on the display is an “Exit” button), and the official “Fortnite” Twitter account tweeted “This is The End.” It’s likely not the actual end of “Fortnite,” the wildly popular battle royale game that overtook the gaming community starting in 2017. Rather, the gameplay map that fans have used the past two years is likely going to be replaced with a new setting. Read more: Gamers say they’re earning more money on Facebook’s streaming platform than on Twitch and YouTube If the tweet wasn’t enough confirmation, “The End” was definitely a planned sequence by “Fortnite” creator Epic Games, as the “lobby” of the game showed a special galaxy collapse animation for those who were in it at the time of the server power-down.How “The End” event appeared from the lobby! #Fortnite— Fortnite News 🐐 (@FNBRHQ) October 13, 2019 Other players in the game saw the world collapse in front of them, and the “Fortnite” status menu showed the phrase “Anomaly Detected” for all its different features. This event was epic and confusing at the same time. #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2— Dyllieaug (@dyllieaug) October 13, 2019Anomaly Detected… #Fortnite— Fortnite News (@Fortnite_BR) October 13, 2019The post ‘Fortnite’ announces ‘The End’ as final season 10 event powers down, leaving millions with black holes onscreen appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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