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Adidas is appealing to the Instagram generation with an exclusive event where visitors had to navigate a maze and compete in a vertical jump test

Adidas is experimenting with the Instagram-friendly, ephemeral pop-up model in an effort to sell sneakers while also gaining social media traction. The retailer launched a one-night-only “performance enhancement playground” for visitors to test the Adidas Ultraboost shoe while participating in activities like navigating a maze, riding a seesaw, and competing in a vertical jump test. The venue is optimized for Instagramming potential, painted in bright colors and with delineated photo spots and hashtags emblazoned on the ground. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Though violent outbursts prevented Adidas from dropping its much-anticipated Arizona Iced Tea collaborative sneaker on Thursday, elsewhere in New York City the retailer was in the throes of building a very different type of shopping experience: an interactive adult playground. With a few hours to go before the Adidas Boost Experience was slated to open its doors to the public, we stopped in to try our hand at challenges that included navigating a maze filled with hundreds of bright yellow balls, riding a seesaw for the first time in two decades, and leaping as high as we could in a vertical jumping test. Each activity at the one-day-only Boost Experience serves as a component of a three-part installation “designed to boost your brain, creativity, and future,” according to Adidas. It’s also undoubtedly developed to be an Instagram hot spot, rife with opportunities for bloggers and iPhone-wielding shoppers to post photos filled with Adidas logos to their feeds. Read more: Chaos and violence erupted when hundreds of people showed up to get 99-cent sneakers from Adidas and Arizona Iced Tea – see what happened Much like Macy’s used the ephemeral pop-up concept when it launched Story, Adidas is now taking a cue from Instagram-friendly experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream and Rosé Mansion to sell shoes. For brands like Adidas, the power lays more so in the social content that derived from these fleeting events, and less from the actual sales generated from them. “The idea is we can show up and provide this experience in a really important market, but also let it live and extend out to places like the Midwest and to all those people who aren’t able to get to New York,” Wes Petticrew, trade marketing manager at Adidas, told Business Insider. This is what it was like inside the Adidas Boost Experience:The Adidas Boost Experience is situated on an unassuming block in Chelsea. The pop-up appeared to be the type of place you have to know about in advance, which added to the allure.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderOnce inside, we were immediately overwhelmed with the bright bursts of sunshine yellow emanating from every corner.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider “[The Boost Experience] helps bridge the gap between the hardcore performance running world of the shoe and what it was designed to do, and the practical applications of using it in everyday life and and wearing it around,” Petticrew said.As we wandered in, an Adidas associate — wearing, you guessed it, yellow — led us down a hallway lined with yellow arrows.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderEventually we reached a more secluded back room, filled with comfy cushions and vibrant art.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderThe friendly associate led us to an area designated as “pick-up,” where shoppers can come grab a pair of Ultraboost sneakers to prepare them for the pending activities.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderAs we laced up our sneaks, we admired the funky art and read inspirational facts posted on the wall, like: “Thinking about what you’re grateful for releases positive chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and oxytocin.”Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider “Being outside, even in the cold weather, actually improves memory and attention span,” read another. Once we were laced up and ready to go, we looked at a preview of the events to come.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderFirst up is the maze, or the “Boost Your Brain” part of the experience. The exercise is designed for visitors to get a sense of what it’s like to do a physical cognitive thinking exercise in the shoes.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderNext up is the seesaw, or the “Boost Your Creativity” part of the agenda. The seesaw is intended to evoke the playful energy of childhood while testing out the spring capacity of the Ultraboost.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderLastly, there’s a vertical jump test, referred to as “Boost Your Future.” The running jump motivates shoppers by letting them leap for a prize, showcasing the flexibility and bounce of the shoe.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderBefore preparing to enter the maze, we browsed some of the latest Ultraboost styles and colors.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderUltraboost comes in styles for both men …Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider… and women.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderTime to enter the maze! In advance of walking into the labyrinth, an Adidas employee gave us approximately five seconds to view a sheet of paper that detailed the way out.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider Now we just had to remember it …The journey of a thousand miles — or um, the exit from a maze filled with hundreds of yellow balls — begins with a single step.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderThere were so many balls.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider Sarah Hall – a creative strategist at Harley and Company, the firm that helped design Boost Experience – said the intention is to be more than just another Museum of Ice Cream. “From a designer’s perspective, we create so many spaces that are purely pretty because we want people to take a picture and that’s the exchange,” she said. “We want people to come and really learn something and push themselves a little bit. That’s our hope when we do things like this, that we go beyond just a sprinkle pool.” We were instructed that if you see a block of pathway with lines like this, you must turn around. We got a bit lost.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderEventually we made it through, and we didn’t even make one bad joke that mentioned “Yellow” by Coldplay along the way.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderRiding the high of our maze navigating skills, we moved on to the seesaw. We were hesitant, but once we climbed on it admittedly took us back to childhood.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderScattered around the store we found symbols like this, encouraging social media sharing and promoting the hashtag #FeelTheBoost.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderSlightly disoriented from riding a seesaw for the first time in two decades, we moved on to our last activity, the vertical jump.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderThere are five different zones, depending on height. After you’re assessed with a measuring stick, you take your place in front of your zone.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderWith a running jump, we reached as high as could to pull a ticket that features additional prizes you can win.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business Insider “It’s really important that people actually get to accomplish something with the shoe launch. It’s not just a matter of seeing it and going to a store and walking back and forth,” Hall said. After the vertical jump, you return to the back room to either drop off the shoes or decide to make a purchase.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderAnd that’s a wrap! It was ultimately not exactly what our childhood playground experience was like, but a fun time just the same.Foto: sourceBethany Biron/Business InsiderThe post Adidas is appealing to the Instagram generation with an exclusive event where visitors had to navigate a maze and compete in a vertical jump test appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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