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Drake has been named the No. 5 richest rapper in the world with a $150 million net worth — here’s a look at how he got there

Rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham has an estimated net worth of $150 million and was ranked No. 5 on Forbes list of richest rappers in 2019 – he’s also the youngest on the list by 10 years. The “God’s Plan” artist has won Grammy awards for his music, but his business ventures span way beyond the recording studio. He co-runs October’s Very Own – an umbrella company for his clothing line, record label, and radio station – is an ambassador for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and has quite the real estate portfolio. He’s currently No. 3 on Forbes highest-paid acts in Hip Hop – raking in $75 million in 2019. From his start as an actor on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” to his current status as a hip hop icon, here’s how Drake made his millions and what he’s been spending it all on since. Drake — a music artist who goes by his middle name — was named the No. 5 richest rapper of 2019 by Forbes.Foto: His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.sourceRick Madonik/Toronto Star/Getty ImagesSource: ForbesThe rapper’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million.Foto: That’s $90 million less than Kanye West, who is No. 4 on the list.sourceJoe Scarnici/Getty ImagesSource: ForbesAt 32 years old, Drake is the youngest on the list.Foto: West (left) is the next youngest — he’s 10 years older than Drake.sourcePrince Williams/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: ForbesFrom 2018 to 2019, Drake’s net worth grew by 50%, according to Forbes. And that’s thanks to way more than just his music.Foto: He has several business ventures in his portfolio.sourceJohn Salangsang/APSource: ForbesDrake told Forbes that he is always trying to get “better at things that make money.”Foto: sourceSteve Russell/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: ForbesWhile that “objective” of his does include reportedly making around $2 million per night on tour…Foto: sourceReutersSource: Forbes…it also includes his various business projects like the OVO family of brands he started.Foto: An OVO retail storefront in Vancouver.sourcechampagnepapi/InstagramSource: Business of FashionOVO stands for October’s Very Own — Drake was born in October so the brand name is a nod to himself. The company started as an online community where the budding rap star released his first studio album, “Thank Me Later.”Foto: sourceOctober’s Very Own/InstagramSource: Business of FashionOVO co-founder Oliver El-Khatib likened the MySpace page where the brand started to today’s Instagram in terms of the platform’s ability to facilitate a connection between an artist and their fans.Foto: sourceOliver El-Khatib/InstagramSource: Business of FashionBefore he reached hip hop superstardom, Drake was an actor. He was a regular on the teen-focused soap opera, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” So Drake, the actor, turned to a MySpace page to transition to Drake, the musician.Foto: Drake (top right) with his castmates.sourceGeorge Pimentel/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: Vox, Business of FashionThe page turned into a blog, which became a spot for Drake, El-Khatib, and their team to post inspiration and also their original work, El-Khatib said. When the first album came out in 2010, it went right to the top of the US Billboard 200 list.Foto: Pictured here is a 2009 post on the OVO blog.sourceOVO BlogSource: Business of FashionDrake went on to make several more albums, some of which reached No. 1 on charts and won various awards.Foto: Drake has quite the collection of trophies.sourceDavid Becker/Getty ImagesSource: BiographyHe also won a Grammy Award for the best rap album in 2013.Foto: “Take Care” was the 2013 winner.sourceReutersSource: BiographyIn 2011, the brand started to release clothing. El-Khatib said it was because the group needed some tour-specific clothing for employees at venues to easily recognize the team. Since then, fashion has been the company’s biggest source of revenue and is projected to do $50 million in sales in 2019.Foto: Drake wears OVO to his appearances.sourceGeorge Pimentel/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: Business Of FashionThe brand has also participated in collaborations with other fashion icons. In December 2013, Drake announced a collaboration line with Nike’s Jordan Brand.Foto: He helped design a few different OVO x Jordan shoes.sourceCourtesy of GOATSource: GQRead more: Photos show the rise, fall, and comeback of Nike’s iconic Air Jordan sneakersBut clothing isn’t the company’s only source of revenue. There is also OVO Sound and OVO Sound Radio — a record label and radio program respectively.Foto: Drake wears an OVO Records shirt to a Raptors game.sourceOctober’s Very Own/InstagramSource: Business Of FashionThe actor-turned-musician also has quite an extensive real estate portfolio.Foto: As of 2018, he owned three mansions in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of California.sourceGoogle MapsSource: Business Insider, Architectural DigestHis most recent Los Angeles acquisition was a $4.5 million ranch in Hidden Hills — a neighborhood also known for being the home of celebs like the Kardashians.Foto: This home is reportedly 2,449 square feet featuring three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms.sourceGoogle/USGSSource: Variety, Architectural Digest, CurbedHe dubbed the first of his three Hidden Hills homes the Yolo Estate. Drake paid $7.7 million for the estate in 2012.Foto: All three of Drake’s Hidden Hills homes share a cul de sac.sourceGoogle/USGSSource: Business Insider, TruliaThe third home — a 1950s-style ranch — bumped up Drake’s Hidden Hills acreage to a cool 6.7 acres. That’s roughly the size of five football fields.Foto: One football field is 1.32 acres.sourceKarwai Tang/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: Variety, Architectural Digest, CurbedBefore all the acting, businesses, and subsequent sources of income, Graham was busy growing up in Toronto, Canada.Foto: He paid homage to his Toronto childhood while hosting Saturday Night Live — he opened with a skit about his Bar Mitzvah.sourceSaturday Night Live/YouTubeSource: Saturday Night LiveHe was raised predominantly by his single mother in a Jewish household.Foto: Drake (left) and his mom (right).sourceAP ImagesSource: BiographyThrough his own song lyrics and different interviews with magazines like GQ, the rapper has touched on having a complicated relationship with his father, but in recent years the rapper has said, “We’re cool” now.Foto: Drake’s dad is also a musical talent.sourcechampagnepapi/InstagramSource: GQ, ComplexLike many religiously observant Jewish people, Drake had a Bar Mitzvah when he was around 13 years old. Billboard reported that he even hosted a “re-Bar Mitzvah” for his 31st birthday.Foto: Drake Instagrammed the customized pizza box and red cups.sourcechampagnepapi/InstagramSource: BillboardOne of the ways Drake stays connected to his Toronto roots is through his ambassadorship-turned-partnership with the city’s NBA team, the Raptors.Foto: Toronto Raptors players pictured above.sourceTom Szczerbowski/Getty ImagesSource: City News Toronto, TIMEIn 2013, the rapper who grew up a “die-hard fan” of the team was named Raptors’ global ambassador.Foto: Drake celebrates the announcement of the 2016 NBA All-Star game being held in Toronto.sourceReutersSource: Hardwood Diagnostic, City News TorontoHe said as ambassador, he wants “to bring the excitement into this building, I want a team that people are dying to come see, I want the tickets to be extremely hard to get, I want to bring that aggression, I want to bring that energy.”Foto: Raptors fans hold up giant Drake heads at games.sourceNick Turchiaro/ReutersSource: Hardwood Diagnostic, City News TorontoHe’s even hinted at wanting to buy the team one day.Foto: He captioned this post, “future owner.”sourcechampagnepapi/InstagramSource: InstagramWith Drake’s help, the team launched a publicity campaign in 2014.Foto: The campaign is called “We the North.”sourceJohn E. Sokolowski/ReutersSource: USA Today, Toronto RaptorsTeam representatives have said “We the North” is an attitude and mindset that they hoped fans all over the world would get behind…Foto: It’s become a movement across Toronto.sourceToronto Raptors/YouTubeSource: USA Today, Toronto Raptors…and they have.Foto: The Toronto stadium was packed with fans sporting “We the North” on flags and T-shirts.sourceDan Hamilton/ReutersSource: USA Today, Toronto RaptorsIn 2017, the partnership between the star and the team grew its philanthropy reach. Drake and the Raptors donated a total of $3 million to Toronto and to Canada Basketball.Foto: It’s not clear how much of the donation came directly from the rapper.sourceMark Blinch/ReutersSource: City News TorontoThe money was to be used to build courts around the city and facilitate the overall growth of the sport in the community.Foto: Both public courts and established facilities are part of the project.sourceToronto Raptors/YouTubeSource: City News TorontoIn March 2019, the Raptors’ practice facility was renamed the OVO Athletic Centre.Foto: It was previously named the BioSteel Centre.sourceSteve Russell/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: ComplexEven though Drake is often seen courtside cheering on the Raptors…Foto: He’s even been called out for getting a little too close while the ball is in-play.sourceKyle Terada/ReutersSource: TIME…he’s also proven to be a Golden State Warriors fan at times.Foto: He’s friends with the California star, Steph Curry (right).sourceVaughn Ridley/Contributor/Getty ImagesSource: TIMEIn fact, he bet French Montana $60,000 that the Warriors would beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals — the Warriors lost and Drake was out a cool $60K.Foto: Steph Curry (right) and Iman Shumpert (left) during the 2016 NBA finals.sourceGetty/Ronald MartinezSource: Bleacher ReportAnother NBA team that has had the rapper’s heart at one point is the Miami Heat.Foto: He was reportedly a fan for multiple years, referring to the team as “we.”sourceChris Trotman/GettySource: TIME, SB Nation, Heat NationHe’s been accused of being a “bandwagon fan” — someone who supports whatever team is supposed to be the best that season.Foto: Drake’s fandom streak with the Heat was during the time they won the NBA finals in 2013.sourceKevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesSource: TIME, SB Nation, Heat NationHe was spotted on the Heat’s sidelines cheering for pals Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James.Foto: Drake talks to Bosh during a warmup.sourceMike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesSource: TIME, SB Nation, Heat NationBut the rapper has also proven to show some philanthropic love for the Florida city.Foto: sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: ReutersIn 2018, he donated $50,000 to help pay for a new homeless shelter after visiting Miami’s Lotus House — the city’s only homeless shelter for women and children at the time. He also gave Target gift cards to mothers and toys to children.Foto: All of the toys were wrapped, of course.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami HeraldThe rapper used his “God’s Plan” music video budget of almost $1 million to make different donations around the city. The video opens with a statement that reads: “… Don’t tell the label …”Foto: The video highlights people around Miami.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Drake YouTube, TIME, ABC NewsHe filmed the video in various locations around Miami and made subsequent donations. He gave Destiny James, a student at the University of Miami, a check for $50,000 …Foto: Drake and Destiny James pictured above.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald… he walked into a grocery store and told shoppers he’d pay for everything they bought that day …Foto: Drake at Sabor Tropical Supermarket in North Beach pictured above.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald… he walked up to families and handed them stacks of cash …Foto: Drake presenting a family with cash pictured above.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald… he donated $25,000 to Miami Senior High School …Foto: Drake performed for the students.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald… he danced with kids at the Overtown Youth Center …Foto: It looked like a party.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald… and donated $20,000 to the Miami Fire Department.Foto: sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami HeraldOther lucky people around the city were given cars and shopping sprees at Saks Fifth Avenue.Foto: Drake presents a car to someone in Miami.sourceDrake/YouTubeSource: Miami Herald, Drake YouTubeWhile it’s clear the rapper has spent a significant amount of money on strangers, he has also reportedly been supporting Sophie Brussaux — a former adult-film star and the mother of Adonis, Drake’s son.Foto: He reportedly flew the pair to him on a private jet (not pictured above) so they could be together for Christmas.sourceTom Szczerbowski/Stringer/Getty ImagesSource: TMZ, People, Hollywood Life, HypebeastDrake hasn’t been without his share of controversies. When fellow rapper Pusha T announced to the world that Drake, in fact, did have a son, it made headlines. He also called out Drake for wearing blackface on one of his album covers.Foto: Drake explained the blackface had some context around it and was designed to show some of the struggles he and his peers went through as actors.sourceGregory Shamus/Getty ImagesSource: CNN, ReutersOctober’s Very Own defended himself in the conversation around blackface, but he did confirm Pusha T’s allegations that he had a son. The confirmation came in 2018 when Drake said he was “hiding the world from my son,” not the other way around.Foto: Brussaux and Adonis Graham pictured above.sourceSophie B./InstagramSource: Vanity Fair, CosmopolitanDrake is constantly working on new ventures — like investing in tech company Omni — and making music. There’s no telling what’s next in Drake’s plan.Foto: He’s currently No. 3 on Forbes highest-paid acts in Hip Hop — raking in $75 million.sourceJohn E. Sokolowski/ReutersSource: Kulture Hub, Biography, ForbesThe post Drake has been named the No. 5 richest rapper in the world with a $150 million net worth — here’s a look at how he got there appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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