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14-8-2019 21:10:17

Everything we know about the next Apple Watch, which could launch as soon as next month

Apple has typically released a new version of the Apple Watch every September, so there’s a chance it could do so again in 2019. Rumors suggest Apple might add sleep-tracking to future Apple Watch models and the company could bring back the ceramic casing option. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. The Apple Watch has certainly come a long way in recent years when it comes to its health-tracking capabilities. The latest model, the Apple Watch Series 4, comes with an electrical heart sensor for conducting an electrocardiogram test, which can help spot irregular heartbeats. The new software launching for the Apple Watch this fall, which will be available for older models too, brings several wellness-oriented enhancements, such as the ability to natively track female health metrics. And if the recent rumors and reports are any indication, it looks like the next iteration of the Apple Watch will take the company’s health ambitions even further. Read more: Apple is launching a special new iPhone designed for professional hackers – but you won’t be able to buy it Here’s a look at what we’re expecting to see from the next Apple Watch, which could debut in September if Apple keeps with the pattern it’s followed in years past. Sleep trackingFoto: A regular sleep routine can make all the difference.sourceLaylaBird/Getty Images Sleep is the one key health metric the Apple Watch can’t track natively, but it sounds like that may change in the near future. Apple is said to be testing sleep-tracking capabilities for future versions of its smartwatch, according to Bloomberg. It’s a feature that many of the Apple Watch’s rivals have offered for years. Fitbit devices, for example, can track metrics such as how long you’ve slept and how much time you spent in light, deep, and REM sleep. However, if Apple is indeed working on sleep-tracking technology, it may not debut in this year’s model. Bloomberg says it’s likely to arrive in the 2020 version of Apple’s smartwatch.A new ceramic casing optionFoto: The Apple Watch EditionsourceApple Apple nixed the option to buy an Apple Watch with a ceramic casing when it cut the luxe Apple Watch Edition from its lineup in 2018. Now, however, there’s a chance that Apple Watch shoppers will once again be able to buy an Apple smartwatch with a ceramic finish. TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for making accurate predictions about upcoming Apple products, said in February that he expects to see a new ceramic casing design, as MacRumors reported. Apple uses ceramic on the back of the Apple Watch Series 4, but if Kuo’s predictions prove to be accurate it may play a bigger role in the next watch’s design. A possible September launch dateFoto: sourceApple Apple has unveiled new Apple Watch models every year since 2015, so there’s a chance it could do the same this year. The company typically announces its new Apple Watches and iPhones during the same September event. Last year, for example, it revealed the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR on September 12 along with the Apple Watch Series 4. It debuted the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 on the same day in 2017. An upgraded processorFoto: sourceHollis Johnson Apple typically upgrades the Apple Watch’s internals, so it seems plausible that it could do the same this year. Last year’s Apple Watch Series 4 ran on Apple’s S4 processor, which the company claims is up to twice as fast as the S3 processor in the Series 3. Apple’s latest watch softwareFoto: sourceApple Apple revealed its new software for the Apple Watch, called watchOS 6, during its Worldwide Developers conference in June. The software update will bring new features such as a standalone app store and new wellness metrics like hearing health. It’ll be available for Apple Watch models ranging from Series 1 through Series 4, and if Apple launches the Series 5, it will likely run watchOS 6 by default. Read more about the hardware we’re expecting from Apple this year: A new analyst report reveals the features we may see in the next iPhone, and it includes one unexpected capability we haven’t heard much about Apple’s first 5G iPhone is coming next year – here’s everything we’ve heard about it so far Apple already made some big changes to its MacBook lineup this year, and now it sounds like there are more new laptops coming this fall Apple’s new iPhones are expected to launch next month – here are 5 important features we want to see The post Everything we know about the next Apple Watch, which could launch as soon as next month appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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