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18-9-2019 19:38:15

Scott Disick just flipped another home in California, and it’s listed for $6.89 million — double its original price. Here’s a look at the transformation.

Television personality Scott Disick has just flipped another home in California. It’s now for sale for $6.89 million – double its original price. The home is located in Hidden Hills, a swanky, gated community where the median home value is a staggering $3,285,800. The renovated five-bedroom home includes a wine cellar, an outdoor pavilion, and a zero-edge pool and spa. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Scott Disick, a TV personality known for appearing on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Flip It Like Disick,” has remodeled another multimillion-dollar California home and is looking to cash in big. The two-story farmhouse sits in Hidden Hills, a swanky, gated community where the median home value is a staggering $3,285,800.Read more: Betsey Johnson just listed her pink mobile home for $1.95 million, and it’s located in one of the country’s most exclusive trailer parks – here’s a look inside Disick bought the five-bedroom home for $3,235,000 back in April of 2018. After putting a contemporary spin on the traditional farmhouse, he re-listed it for $6.89 million. This isn’t the first time Disick has remodeled a home in Hidden Hills. In 2015, he bought a home in the community for $5.98 million. Around six months later, he put it back on the market for $8.8 million. However, with no bites, the home is now available as a rental that costs $60,000 a night. But Disick is hoping he’ll have better luck with this reimagined, luxury farmhouse. If it sells for its asking price, he will more than double his money. Keep reading for a side-by-side look at the transformation.Scott Disick, a popular TV personality, flips and remodels luxury homes in California on his television show “Flip It Like Disick.”Foto: sourceDenise Truscello/WireImage/Getty ImagesSource: IMDbOne of his latest projects includes a multimillion-dollar farmhouse in Hidden Hills, California.Foto: sourceThe Agency The entire home spans 5,663 square feet. In September of 2019, Disick re-listed the property for $6.89 million – more than double its original price.Source: The AgencyHidden Hills is a swanky, gated community located in Los Angeles County. The median home value here is a staggering $3,285,800.Foto: sourceGoogle MapsSource: Google Maps, ZillowBefore: Here’s what the home looked like prior to Disick’s renovations.Foto: sourceCourtesy of The Agency Disick bought the traditional-style home back in April of 2018, and it wasn’t cheap: According to, he shelled out $3,235,000 for it.After: And this is what it looks like, now that Disick has completed the house flip.Foto: sourceThe AgencyBefore: The home’s entrance featured a dark wood floor and ornate accents in the window and the stairs.Foto: sourceCourtesy of The Agency The home dates back nearly 50 years. According to People, it was built in 1973.After: That same entrance now has a sleek, modern look.Foto: sourceThe Agency Details like a 10-foot-high glass pivot front door give the home a new, modern feel.Before: The living room was defined by a large, rock-pattern fireplace.Foto: sourceThe Agency Disick spent over a year putting a contemporary spin on both the exterior and interior of the home.After: A modern fireplace and large white sofa have now taken the place of the outdated living room.Foto: sourceThe AgencyBefore: The old kitchen appears to have been closed off from the rest of the house.Foto: sourceThe AgencyAfter: The kitchen now has an open floorplan.Foto: sourceThe Agency The remodeled kitchen also boasts white-oak cabinetry, a marble island, and a built-in espresso machine.Before: Prior to the renovations, another dimly lit living area in the home featured different colored chairs and a few scattered plants.Foto: sourceCourtesy of The AgencyAfter: Now, living areas throughout the home are both bright and spacious.Foto: sourceThe AgencyBefore: This bedroom featured a dark floor and heavy furniture.Foto: A bedroom in the home.sourceCourtesy of The AgencyAfter: Now, the bedroom has a light wood floor, new windows, and more minimalistic furniture.Foto: A bedroom in the home.sourceThe AgencyAlong with five bedrooms, the renovated home also has six full bathrooms.Foto: sourceThe AgencySource: The AgencyAmenities include a wine cellar …Foto: sourceThe AgencySource: People… and an outdoor, wooden pavilion.Foto: sourceThe AgencySource: The AgencyThe backyard also features a zero-edge pool and spa.Foto: sourceThe AgencySource: The AgencyThe post Scott Disick just flipped another home in California, and it’s listed for $6.89 million — double its original price. Here’s a look at the transformation. appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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