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The best cities in each US state for middle-class families

For some middle-class families, every dollar counts – and it helps to live in a city where they’ll have the most leftover cash. A new study by Simple. Thrifty. Living. determined the best cities for the middle-class in each state. The study defines “middle class” as anyone who makes within the range of 50% to 150% of the country’s median household income. South Burlington, Vermont, scored more points than any other city. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. For many, being part of the middle class these days can mean they’re making every dollar count. Of course, it helps to live in a city where those dollars go furthest. That often means lower property taxes, good public schools, and secure jobs. A new study by financial services website Simple. Thrifty. Living. found the best city in each state for middle-class families. According to the most recent data available from the US Census Bureau, the median American household income (in 2017 inflation-adjusted dollars) was around $57,600. The definition the study used for “middle class” is based on former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s definition, which is anyone who makes between 50% and 150% of that median. The study looked at over 9,500 cities around the country for the following factors: income, real estate taxes, home value, unemployment, job availability, schools, and college education, with each of the seven metrics measured out of a possible 10 points. Those points were then weighted on a 0-100 scale for the total city score. The list below focuses on four key categories – real estate taxes, home value, schools, and job availability – that matter to families most. The real estate taxes score was based on the taxes as a percentage of the home value: The lower the percentage, the higher the score. The home value score was based on the city’s median home value as opposed to the state’s. The school score is based on data from, which looks at state test scores. The job availability score is based on job openings listed on Indeed within a 10-mile radius of the city. The highest-scoring city in the country is South Burlington, Vermont, with 85.57 total points. Here are the best cities for the middle-class, state by state.Huntsville, Alabama — total city score: 62.5Foto: sourceRob Hainer/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.95Home value score: 6.91School score: 6.05Job availability score: 6.29Anchorage, Alaska — total city score: 63.80Foto: sourceRocky Grimes/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 0.64Home value score: 7.46School score: 5.24Job availability score: 10.00Phoenix, Arizona — total city score: 72.96Foto: sourceShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 7.22Home value score: 9.89School score: 3.96Job availability score: 10.00North Little Rock, Arkansas — total city score: 69.70Foto: sourceJonathannsegal/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 9.08Home value score: 9.30School score: 2.90Job availability score: 9.97San Diego, California — total city score: 62.46Foto: sourceLucky-photographer/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 7.07Home value score: 6.75School score: 4.26Job availability score: 4.72Denver, Colorado — total city score: 75.28Foto: sourcelittlenySTOCK/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.89Home value score: 7.75School score: 6.19Job availability score: 10.00Wethersfield, Connecticut — total city score: 71.39Foto: sourceLEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.14Home value score: 8.54School score: 6.82Job availability score: 8.35Lewes, Delaware — total city score: 62.53Foto: sourceJon Bilous/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 10.00Home value score: 0.00School score: 10.00Job availability score: 1.87Tampa, Florida — total city score: 69.08Foto: sourceShutterstock / Bonnie FinkReal estate taxes score: 7.01Home value score: 8.21School score: 4.59Job availability score: 8.61Atlanta, Georgia — total city score: 62.75Foto: estate taxes score: 5.87Home value score: 0.00School score: 6.22Job availability score: 9.32Waimalu, Hawaii — total city score: 72.86Foto: sourceIzabela23/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.38Home value score: 3.66School score: 9.98Job availability score: 8.41Boise City, Idaho — total city score: 72.19Foto: Boise, Idaho.sourceCharles Knowles/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 3.62Home value score: 7.13School score: 6.17Job availability score: 9.33Chicago, Illinois — total city score: 62.43Foto: sourceHelen Sessions/AlamyReal estate taxes score: 8.14Home value score: 4.54School score: 3.68Job availability score: 10.00Jeffersonville, Indiana — total city score: 64.91Foto: sourceThomas Kelley/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.24Home value score: 8.74School score: 4.43Job availability score: 8.25Cedar Falls, Iowa — total city score: 61.59Foto: sourceUniversity of Northern Iowa/FacebookReal estate taxes score: 5.34Home value score: 5.03School score: 9.81Job availability score: 1.08Mission, Kansas — total city score: 76.39Foto: sourceAPN Photography/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.02Home value score: 8.47School score: 8.15Job availability score: 6.33Lexington-Fayette urban county, Kentucky — total city score: 69.45Foto: sourceView_Point/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.68Home value score: 5.78School score: 5.24Job availability score: 8.63Jefferson, Louisiana — total city score: 73.63Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 5.64Home value score: 7.95School score: 6.74Job availability score: 10.00Portland, Maine — total city score: 65.00Foto: sourceSean Pavone/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 3.28Home value score: 2.70School score: 3.44Job availability score: 10.00Pikesville, Maryland — total city score: 71.57Foto: sourcetkarpati/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.39Home value score: 9.08School score: 8.79Job availability score: 2.41Cambridge, Massachusetts — total city score: 68.82Foto: sourceJon Bilous/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 10.00Home value score: 0.00School score: 5.47Job availability score: 10.00Wyoming, Michigan — total city score: 70.51Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 7.63Home value score: 4.82School score: 5.86Job availability score: 10.00St. Louis Park, Minnesota — total city score: 72.54Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 3.31Home value score: 6.59School score: 6.52Job availability score: 9.62Pearl, Mississippi — total city score: 71.04Foto: sourceFelix Mizioznikov/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 8.27Home value score: 9.05School score: 7.27Job availability score: 9.40Kansas City, Missouri — total city score: 66.20Foto: sourceTupungato/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.98Home value score: 9.86School score: 1.68Job availability score: 8.42Bozeman, Montana — total city score: 74.54Foto: / Colton StifflerReal estate taxes score: 5.06Home value score: 2.82School score: 10.00Job availability score: 7.35Omaha, Nebraska — total city score: 71.07Foto: sourceHenryk Sadura/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 1.88Home value score: 9.89School score: 4.20Job availability score: 10.00Las Vegas, Nevada — total city score: 68.04Foto: sourcerandy andy/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 5.16Home value score: 9.22School score: 4.89Job availability score: 9.32Portsmouth, New Hampshire — total city score: 67.83Foto: sourceSean Pavone/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 9.13Home value score: 0.00School score: 7.66Job availability score: 6.91Fort Lee, New Jersey — total city score: 65.95Foto: sourceBrett LoGiurato/Business InsiderReal estate taxes score: 7.00Home value score: 6.56School score: 7.18Job availability score: 1.69Albuquerque, New Mexico — total city score: 62.51Foto: sourceturtix/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 0.00Home value score: 8.63School score: 3.30Job availability score: 10.00New York, New York — total city score: 58.48Foto: sourceturtix/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 9.88Home value score: 0.00School score: 4.41Job availability score: 10.00Charlotte, North Carolina — total city score: 67.39Foto: sourcedigidreamgrafix/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.02Home value score: 8.10School score: 4.98Job availability score: 10.00Fargo, North Dakota — total city score: 72.47Foto: sourceDavid Harmantas/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 1.57Home value score: 9.59School score: 6.71Job availability score: 10.00Norwood, Ohio — total city score: 68.24Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 7.58Home value score: 7.99School score: 5.43Job availability score: 9.25Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — total city score: 69.65Foto: sourceiStockReal estate taxes score: 2.14Home value score: 7.92School score: 5.59Job availability score: 10.00Portland, Oregon — total city score: 67.19Foto: sourceRichard Clement/ReutersReal estate taxes score: 7.14Home value score: 4.14School score: 3.68Job availability score: 9.74Hershey, Pennsylvania — total city score: 65.08Foto: sourceGeorge SheldonReal estate taxes score: 7.73Home value score: 3.08School score: 9.11Job availability score: 0.91Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island — total city score: 65.17Foto: sourceMollieGPhoto/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 10.00Home value score: 0.00School score: 10.00Job availability score: 0.69Wade Hampton, South Carolina — total city score: 68.94Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 4.80Home value score: 7.39School score: 5.69Job availability score: 6.51Sioux Falls, South Dakota — total city score: 76.19Foto: sourceJacob Boomsma/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 7.04Home value score: 9.60School score: 6.97Job availability score: 10.00Brentwood, Tennessee — total city score: 62.17Foto: sourceFlickr/Pilot MKNReal estate taxes score: 8.81Home value score: 0.00School score: 10.00Job availability score: 5.44Houston, Texas — total city score: 64.28Foto: sourceShutterstock/Roschetzky PhotographyReal estate taxes score: 5.12Home value score: 9.99School score: 2.85Job availability score: 10.00Salt Lake City, Utah — total city score: 66.30Foto: sourceMaciej Bledowski/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 4.39Home value score: 8.25School score: 5.22Job availability score: 8.34South Burlington, Vermont — total city score: 85.57Foto: sourceShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 7.04Home value score: 5.59School score: 10.00Job availability score: 9.84Forest, Virginia — total city score: 63.42Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 9.44Home value score: 6.89School score: 6.21Job availability score: 0.15Seattle, Washington — total city score: 62.63Foto: sourceAsif Islam/ShutterstockReal estate taxes score: 8.21Home value score: 0.00School score: 3.28Job availability score: 10.00Westover, West Virginia — total city score: 81.60Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 7.25Home value score: 9.81School score: 7.93Job availability score: 9.61Shorewood, Wisconsin — total city score: 65.13Foto: sourceGoogle MapsReal estate taxes score: 3.05Home value score: 0.00School score: 7.77Job availability score: 9.75Cheyenne, Wyoming — total city score: 73.84Foto: sourceWikimedia CommonsReal estate taxes score: 2.54Home value score: 8.10School score: 7.75Job availability score: 10.00The post The best cities in each US state for middle-class families 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