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18-6-2019 21:08:20

You can buy a pool float that looks like a giant bottle of rosé and it’s on sale right now for $19

Urban Outfitters is currently selling a pool float shaped like a giant bottle of rosé. The light-pink float is filled with gold glitter and it’s currently on sale for $19, though it originally retailed for $36. It even includes a cup holder, so sunbathers can sip some of their favorite beverages while they float. Visit INSIDER’s homepage for more stories. Poolside rosé-themed merch is everywhere as of late, from bathing suits to beach towels. The latest pink, wine-inspired goodie to join the lineup? A giant pool floatie shaped like a bottle of rosé. Currently, Urban Outfitters is selling the glittery pink float for just $19 (though it originally retails for $36) and it comes complete with a floral, sans-serif label, much like some of the trendy rosés in stores now. The glitter-filled float even comes with a cup holderFoto: The float is filled with glitter.sourceUrban Outfitters Aside from being highly Instagrammable, this Urban-Outfitters-exclusive comes with a cup holder so you can enjoy some actual rosé (or any other refreshing drink) while you float. So far, this inflatable float has been reviewed just a few times with shoppers saying the float is “good quality” and “so cute.” Plenty of other fun floats are being sold this year, too Foto: You can also purchase an avocado-shaped pool float.sourceAmazonEven if rosé isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other aesthetically pleasing floats on the market this summer. Guac-lovers can float around on a giant avocado that comes with a removable pit you can play with. Those who can’t get enough of their favorite fast-food chain can enjoy a floatie in the shape of a Taco Bell hot-sauce packet. And those who just want something fun can purchase floats shaped like giant sloths or even smiling pickles.Read more: This pool float comes with ‘cup holders’ for your boobs and it’s the summer accessory you didn’t know you needed You and your dog can now get matching pool floats so we’re officially ready for summer to start You can now travel to a massive inflatable unicorn island because giant pool floats weren’t enough A 7-foot wiener dog pool float is here just in time for summer, and it’s perfect for dog lovers The post You can buy a pool float that looks like a giant bottle of rosé and it’s on sale right now for $19 appeared first on Business Insider Nederland.
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