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Dividend - - - - -
Dividendrendement (in %) - - - - -
K/W-verhouding -2,55 -12,69 -26,19 33,83 4,41
Winst/Aandeel -0,53 -0,16 -0,08 0,06 0,46

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PANTAFLIX AG is a media company, which engages in the development and production of theatrical feature films and licensing rights to those films on a national and international basis, mainly through globally leading film distributors across many stages of the licensing chain. It operates through the following divisions: Film Production, Video-on-Demand, and Other. The Film Production division is the production of theatrical feature films as in-house productions and co-productions and licenses the resulting rights together with its global partners. The Video-on-Demand division is the operation of Pantaflix platform which enables the company to provide consumers worldwide with access to films that were previously unavailable to them. The Other division refers to the production of theatrical feature films and the PANTAFLIX video-on-demand platform. The company was founded by Marco Beckmann on July 15, 2009 and is headquartered in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany.^ ^

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Marktkapitalisatie in Euro 31,21 Mln
Vrij verhandelbaar in %
Aantal Aandelen 15,37
Kasstroom/Aandeel in lokale valuta 1,08
Boekwaarde/Aandeel in lokale valuta 1,00
60 Dagen Volatiliteit 78,15
K/B verhouding