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Süd-Chemie AG manufactures chemical products. It produces adsorbents and catalysts. Adsorbents and additives in this group are mainly additives for use in the edible oil, edible fat, food, beverage and animal feed industries. Foundry additives are focused on bentonite products since bentonite forms an integral part of the molding-sand mixture. Detergent, paper and specialty additives offer innovative bentonite detergent solutions, which is mainly used in washing powder and tabs, helping to simplify the production process. Innovative carrier technology rounds off the portfolio for the detergent industry, allowing for selective use of activating agents during the washing process to obtain the right brightness. The Plastic Additives Industry Group develops, produces and markets functional, eco-friendly plastic additives to improve the product quality of plastics, such as PVC and polyethylene. The hydrotalcite additive manufactured by this industry group offers a heavy-metal-free supplement for plastics and is in many respects superior to conventional lead-based additives. Hydrotalcite is used in plastic formulations for the manufacture of, among other things, cable insulation, plastic sheeting, plastic film and plastic profiles. The Specialty Resins Industry Group manufactures resins mainly for the paints and coatings industry, including those used in antistatic finishings. The Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics Industry Group develops and produces packaging for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and food-supplement industries. The Classical Water Treatment Industry Group offers customized solutions for purifying and conditioning recalculated water and industrial waste water. Its application solutions include plants for treating both cooling water and water used to feed boilers. The company also engages in casting products and wind power. The company was founded in 1857 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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